Defunction: Discography

2011: Defunction vs. Touch Circle        (two track single)
A new local music site sprung up and I stumbled on a band called Touch Circle which was producing some excellent electronic music. I immediately was taken by the song Stood Up and I decided to do a remix after jamming to it with a dirty bass synth. I got in contact with Robert Turpin, the brains and voice behind Touch Circle, we exchanged some files and after surprising him with a mix of one of his songs, he turned around and surprised me with a mix of one of mine.

2010: Purged
the new year was right around the corner and it was time for new beginnings. i had dozens of hours of ideas and compositions on all kinds of instruments that i swore i would get to and finish one day. my studio PC had become so glutted over the previous 3 years with organized chaos that i simply had no room left to work with. the idea of attempting to organize and salvage my lyrics and recordings didn't interest / terrified me, so the idea of throwing everything away and starting something completely new had become the obvious solution. with that said, before i committed everything to the void, i took a last look at some of the 'presentable bits' and thought, as a farewell to the past, i'd put them out there. i give you: Purged. a collection of abandoned audio spanning the last 3 years of my life.

2010: Angel        (two track single)
my first dance track, an aggressive and sexy four on the floor groove with some good synths and edgy lyrics, great for clubs and fast cars. This tasty little two track single now also comes with the extended club mix of Angel by Touch Circle.

2009: Deviant
d3fuNcTi0n's first record was my first effort at creating completed songs and recording them all on my own. venting and lamenting and kinda sexual best describes the themes of the album which came out in 2009 sounding very much like a Nine Inch Nails record with some odd tangents. it was a learning experience in creativity and though it may be a little rough around the edges, it's a great record with great moments that I'm quite proud of.